Agri-Wallet: The Blockchain wallet that combats poverty and food shortages.

  • On 29 October 2018 /
  • door Nick /
  • In Agri-Wallet, blockchain, COIN22, digitial finance service, mobile-wallet, yameo
This is a nice interview done by Ad Rietberg about the Agri-Wallet, a product from COIN22. COIN22 is a blockchain platform that is developed by Yameo. We are proud to see that our hard work and customised software is having a positive impact on the world and is helping to solve global issues!     […]
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HackerRank – Poland number 3 in the World in programming!

It is nice to know that Polish developers score great in the World ranking. Number 3 according to the HackerRank.  It is even better to know that some of the best programmers are working with us! HackerRank has ranked 1.5 million developers. Poland wins in Java challenges on the site, particularly impressive as java is […]
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Giving a face to digital business

There is no doubt that the use of digital chat and real-time video applications like WhatsApp, FaceTime and Skype have become quite normal. While the use of digital chat applications in B2C and B2B segments is more established, the use of real-time video conversation systems is only just breaking the surface. There are many reasons […]
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The Future is Video

  • On 10 March 2017 /
  • door Jacek Salek /
  • In saffron, software test, video, yameo, yetiz
Parmy Olson in her Forbes article called “The Future Is Video: Kik Buys Rounds To Jump Into Video Chat Trend” describes the recent purchase of real-time video chat company Rounds. Nice article, which shows what is going on out there. “A third of U.S. teens don’t hang out with their friends in real time, in the offline […]
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